Event video production: 

Documentary style with discrete Directing on-site


Our approach to event video production emphasizes a documentary style with discrete directing, ensuring that the authentic spirit of the event is captured while remaining unobtrusive.

Our feeling is employees of A1 Serbia love their company. They care about the company and about the community of A1, and even wider, they seem to be caring about environment, cultural and artistic heritage and are active participants in the cultural scene of Belgrade.


Showcasing Employer Branding through Instagram Reels and LinkedIn Videos


A1 Serbia organized its third Knowledge Market, an event aimed at promoting lifelong learning and knowledge sharing among its employees. This initiative highlights the company’s commitment to personal and professional development, offering employees the opportunity to both teach and learn from one another. You can teach something? There are people inside the company that care to learn just that. This is a nice opportunity to showcase the event with a dash of employer branding through series of reels (Interior decorating, Strength by strength they say career, Type and don’t look) and recap video for linkedin.

We documented this event, creating a series of Instagram Reels and a recap video for LinkedIn. These videos serve as a subtle yet powerful tool for employer branding, showcasing the company’s vibrant culture and dedication to employee growth.

Through gentle directing and asking fun and just right questions, we subtly guide the narrative, ensuring that the story flows naturally and resonates with the audience. These “secret stitches” create a cohesive and engaging viewing experience, highlighting A1 Serbia’s commitment to its employees and their development.

We are not just spectators here, piecing together a collage of event moments; we are here to tell a compelling story.


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